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destroyed at least 2200 buildings. in the hardest hit down of urgess, crews are using heavy machinery to search for people under the debris, but they're being hampered by a series of strong aftershocks. a two-week-old baby girl and her mother were found alive in the rubble. and a 10-year-old boy was also rescued. >> translator: it's incredible. i hope other people will be found alive. with overnight temperatures dropping to freezing point, many survivors are sleeping in tents and huddling around fires to stay warm. emergency food supplies are still not reaching all of the affected communities, and electricity and water remain cut off. >>> thailand's prime minister has urged residents to prepare for flooding saying water levels in central bangkok may reach up to 1.5 meters. she gave a warning on tv on tuesday. >> translator: the government cannot train all of the excess water. >> the prime minister said more places in the thai capital will be inundated. she urged people to store important possessions above the second floor. floodwaters began flowing into northern bangkok after severely
>>> demonstrators protesting new us a stairity measures now clashed with riot police in athens. the final vote for a bill that includes new tax hikes and salary cuts is scheduled on thursday. welcome to "news line." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. tens of thousands of people walked off the job. the action is part of a two-day strike ahead after crucial vote in parliament on a new round of salary cuts and tax hikes. >> descending on the streets if central athens to take part in the demonstration. >> the nationwide strike began on wednesday morning when public trsport and other workers left their workplaces in response to calls from labor unions. in athens, more than 120,000 people took to the streets in the largest protests since the greek debt crisis surfaced in 2009. but the demonstrations turned violent when some of the protesters started smashing store windows and throwing fire bombs at police who responded with tear gas. the greek parliament gave initial approvement to a new round of austerity measures on a vote on wednesday. a final vote is scheduled for thursday. measur
will be an option. >> we have the opportunity to go instead of working in kiribas, we'll use our qualifications to apply for jobs in other countries besides kiribas. >> reporter: as the pressure builds, the president asked the international community to address a climate change seriously. >> is to have the community deal with the problem they have created. there has to be a small responsibility here. >> reporter: the u.n. has become highly concerned about this issue. secretary-general ban ki-moon visited kiribas in september, the first secretary-general to do that. he planted mangrove trees to help prevent erosion and made an appeal for international support. >> the countries in the pacific island, they are the fronts of the front line states, and i'll carry this message to the world leaders, including general assembly, the negotiation process. >>or developing and advanced nations, there are strong differences of opinion on how to address climate change. this november, the cop17 conference will decide whether the kyoto the procoal will end in 2012. >>> joining us is a uchida from our business d
landmark fiedha re bh aeent 13rsy a sou kea presidt. >>> the u.s. free trade agreement with south ff early as next january. the move could bst jan's chief export competitor in asia. how will the fta benefit the u.s. and southkoa? a 2.5% tariff now imposed on n u.s. will be eliminated within five yes. ut korean import duties on american beef and pork removed after a certain period of time. this is a tvom ms in south korea. >> the ad is sponsored by the sore gerenthcotrisroti free trade under the strong leadership of president lee myung-bak. >> translator: our country needs to expd toheor ony. the fta is a core national strategy. >> with trade accounting for nearly half thor's gd t psintas song belief that going overseas is the only path for further development. japan, on the other hand, only began preliminy lkwi t eun y r an economic partnershiagreem japan is lagging far behind its neighbor in terms of free trade. jane bins ads e concerned that the u.s./south korean trade pact could erode the competitiveness of japanese cars and tvs and hurt exports. >>ralar: a free trade pact can
'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. japan's semigovernmental energy body and a u.s. company have signed a deal to conduct a test for methane hydrate in the u.s. state of alaska. methane hydrate is a type of natural gas formed from methane and water. japan national corporation made an agreement with conoco phillips to carry out testing in northern alaska for next january. the two entities plan to dig a well 1,000 meters deep to study how much gas can be extracted. a considerable amount of methane hydrate reserves have been identified in seabeds off japan's coast. japan is hoping that the experiment with the u.s. firm will help it to find ways to efficiently extract these gas molecules and put the fuel to practical use. >>> japan's prime minister is visiting south korea and will meet his counterpart myung-bak on wednesday. >> translator: i want to have thorough discussions on future oriented japan/south korea ties including an economic partnership agreement. >> noda will likely urge south korea to resume negotiations for an agreement. it has been suspended for seven years. he will also discuss h
. friday marks the tenth anniversary of the u.s. invasion of afghanistan in response to the september 11th terrorist attacks. however, taliban fighters are stepping up their offenses, making the prospects for rebuilding afghanistan unclear. a decade has passed since the united states launched military operations against al chi in a in afghanistan. the invasion also toppled the taliban regime. a new government was later formed under president hamid karzai, with international support. however, public discontent over delays in reconstruction has allowed a resurgence of the taliban. the anti-government organization has been blamed for recent terror attacks across afghanistan. the u.n. says over 1,400 civilians were killed during the first half of this year, the highest number since the invasion. >> translator: things improved after the collapse of the taliban, but recently the security situation has been deteriorating. >> translator: no progress has been seen. people's livelihoods have become much worse since the u.s. army came to afghanistan. >> the u.s. military began its pullout in july and
predicted. the u.s. labor department says 103,000 jobs were added in the nonfarm sector. the sector is considered particularly sensitive to economic trends. the market predicted the u.s. economy would only add 60,000 jobs. by sector, construction added 26,000 jobs in september, while telecommunication services saw 30,000 more jobs. mainly becse of a strike at a major communication firm. by contrast, 13,000 manufacturing jobs and 34,000 government jobs were lost. meanwhile, the jobless rate may remain at 9.1% for the third straight month. president barack obama announced a major jobs bill in early september. however, a delay in congressional action is hampering fully-fledged improvement in the jobs market. >>> the u.s. and it's allies invaded afghanistan ten years ago, a month after 9/11. the goal was to go after al qaeda and take down the taliban regime, but the taliban is still a force in afghanistan and its power seems to be growing. nhk world's hideki yui visited the eastern part of the country to find out why. >> reporter: this is the main road leading to the eastern region from
and military troops are searching around the clock using heavy machinery. but aftershocks are forcing rescue operations to be suspended intermitntly. many of the collapsed buildings are in urban centers. there are no detailed reports yet on the damage in rural areas. many people are believed to be trapped under debris. the international community including japan and the u.s. has offered to help. but the turkish government says it can deal with the matter by itself. near the quake-hit areas, kurdish separatist guerrillas have been staging an armed struggle against government forces near the iraqi border to the south. the kurds are criticizing the government for declining offers of aid from other countries to cover up the kurdish secessionist campaign. >>> in the turkish town, nearly 100 apartment buildings have collapsed and 169 people have died in the quake. that's more than half the total death toll. urgess has suffered the worst damage. our reporter has more on that. >> reporter: the fire department says these are being used in search and rescue operations. at least 150 people are believed
the area. they're using heavy machinery to search for people trapped inside collapsed buildings. turkey's home sector says along with the dead, i quake injured about 1,300 others. the tremors were strongest in the eastern province of van. [ speaking foreign language ] >> some survivors are taking shelter in tents. support crews are handing out food and other sulies. the earthquake cut off communications in the area. the number of dead could rise as more reports come in. >>> a japanese expert who studied building safety in the country says he found that in most cases, walls are made of brick. and structural columns are too thin that this makes them vulnerable to shaking. the expert says such buildings collapse easily in the event of large quakes. japan's government expressed condolences to the victims and their families, and says it is preparing to support the country as much as it can. >>> in thailand, central bangkok has flooded again, forcing the closure of nearby roads. ed chao phraya river overflowed on monday, along several hundred meters of its banks, streets are under about 50 ce
prefecture back in 2005. discussion focused on a plan to use plutonium/uranium-mixed chemicals at the reactor. kyushu had some of its employees attend the event and have opinions favorable to the project. as a preventive measure, the panel has advised the power company to refrain from making political donations and contacting governors or mayors of areas hosting nuclear plants. >> translator: this is the moment of truth for us. we will study the report and consider the issue carefully and make our utmost efforts to prevent a recurrence. >>> now tonight's "the road ahead." this is where people in the disaster-hit area get away from it all. for a few hours they can sit back and enjoy the entertainment offered by this pop-up theater. we have a report from miyagi prefecture. >> reporter: after two hours of pumping air, this inflatable building comes to life. japan's first pop-up movie theater rises in the town of matsushima. over four days, the pop-up cinemas showed locals 15 movies. the theater cost over $1 million to make. it seats 120 people comfortably. the seating is arranged so everyone in
of the stress test, but they won't give us any information to help us decide whether or not we can restart the reactor. >> it's still unclear whether or not these tests will lead to restarting the idle nuclear reactors. local governments and residents have to approve before any reactor can be turned back on. >>> japan's atomic energy commission said it aims to start retrieving melted nuclear fuel rods from the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant within ten years. the commission's expert panel presented a draft report on friday, outlining the timetable for scrapping the plant. the report says decommissioning will start with repairing the containment vessels of the number one, two, and three reactors where meltdowns occurred. the commission also plans to start moving spent fuel rods from pools at the number one, two, three and four reactors to another pool in the plant within three years. the report projects that the decommissioning will take more than 30 years to complete. in 1979, three mile island accident, about 70% of the reactor's fuel rods melted. actual fuel retrieval began six yea
in a suburb of sirte, he used satellite tv to call on his supporters to fight until the bitter end. crowds of libyans burst into songs of jubilations after the demise. to put an end to eight months of civil war. moous ta fa jaleel is expected to hold a conference on saturday and declare all of libya liberated. disagreements within the ntc are dlae ii ining launch. >> this marks the end of a long and painful chapter for the people of libya. who now have the opportunity to determine their own destiny in a new and democratic libya. >> people in libya today have an even greater chance after this news of building themselves a strong and democratic future. >> france was also one of the leading countries. called the demise a milestone in the nation's battle to free itself from more than four decades of dictatorship. moon says it marks a shift for libya. >> the road ahead for libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges. now is the time for all libyans to come together. >> muammar al gadhafi was the longest serving head of state in the arab world. >> reporter: gadhafi is said to h
in europe and the u.s. they fell about 2.3% in frankfurt. nearly 1.9% in paris and 1% in london. in new york, the dow jones industrial average fell 258 points, or 2.4% to 10,655. market players say growing concerns over the european credit problems are dampening investors' appetite for risk. >>> now let's get a check on tokyo stock markets. the dow has dropped over 2% for the second day in a row. it's now at the lowest level since september of last year. market players have been concerned about the weaker euro zone economies, specifically greece. for more, we cross over to ramin mellegard at the tokyo stock exchange. the concerns over greece are holding a grip over markets. how are markets reacting this tuesday morning here in japan? >> very good morning to you, ai. come big moves there in stocks, currencies and gold. i'll come to that in a second. let's go to the opening levels here for the nikkei and the topix this tuesday morning. you can see the nikkei down over 100 points. the topix down over 10 points. global markets continue to be gripped by euro zone issues. eu officials and leaders
kobayashi. this just in to us. apple reported that its former top executive steve jobs has died. he resigned from the post at the end of august. jobs was a world renowned charismatic manager who was responsible for the success of best-selling products like the iphone and the ipad. once again, apple has confirmed its former stop executive steve jobs has passed away. he resigned from the post in august. he was a world renowned charismatic manager who was responsible for the success of best-selling products like the iphone and the ipad. >>> one of the most powerful politicians in japan is going on trial in an hr. former democratic party leader ichiro ozawa is facing criminal charges in connection with a political funding scandal. it's extremely rare for a powerful politician in japan to face criminal charges in court. security is tight in and around the tokyo district court. in a park next to the building, many people gathered for the chance to win seats for the public gallery. ozawa is accused of falsifying financial reports. the charges are in connection with a $5.2 million land purchase made
financial facility needs to be approved by all 17 countries that use the euro. slovakia is the only member that voted it down. >> translator: we are now facing our biggest crisis since world war ii. >> slovakia has a population of fi 5.4 million with one of the smallest econ mees, but it's drawing worldwide attention. >> political parties opposed ton plan not only for slovakia, but all of europe. >> the main issue is whether to increase the funds's lending capacity to 440 billion from the current 250 billion. the other 16 euros that approved the rescue measure. slovakia adopted the kurpsy in 2009. before this, the country achieved economic growth of 10% in 2007 thanks to the automobile and electric appliance industries. the economy slowed with europe's debt problem triggered by the greek crisis. the country is being asked to guarantee 7.7 billion euros. this is almost 60% of the state budget. anger is mounding about supporting greece when which is a wealthier country. >> i want the government to help us. >> translator: it's not acceptable to use our tax money to help greece. >> opposit
at a hair salon in the u.s. state of california on wednesday. the incident occurred in the city of seal beach about 50 column teres south of los angeles. police rushed to the scene and confirmed that nine people were shot. among the nine, one person remains in critical condition. six of the victims were employees of the salon. police arrested a man and took him into custody. they found several weapons in his car and are investigating the shooting. the government of myanmar has begun freeing prisoners after it announced amnesty for more than 6,000 detainees. the amnesty covers political and other prisoners. the first of 6,359 detainees walked free after the announcement was made after the president. they filmed several prisoners leading a prisoner. the opposition national league for democracy said they confirmed that 184 political prisoners have been released so far. >> the move is seen as an attempt to appease prodemocracy groups. they opposed economic sanctions and said the release of prisoners is a condition for listening to sanctions. speaking to reuters news agency after the amnesty
. u.s. stock prices surged overnight after german and french leaders agreed to boost the capital of european banks to stem the region's debt crisis. the dow jones industrial average gained 330 points or nearly 3% to end the day at 11,433. concerns over the spread of europe's debt crisis eased following talks between german chancellor merkel and french president nicolas sarkozy on sunday. another supporting factor was the decision made by the french and belligian to split up dexia. this brought a sense of relief to investors. now let's take a economic on tokyo shares. as you know, u.s. stocks rallied due to optimism, so how is this affecting tokyo trading? let's go to the tokyo stock exchange. what are we seeing here in japan this tuesday morning? >> well, ai, let's look at the opening levels straightaway, and we can see how the nikkei and topix are opening up this tuesday morning. looking at the opening levels for the nikkei and to approxima pix right now. continuing the rally we saw in the u.s. markets rallying there that german and french leaders pledged to take firm measures i
are working day and night, using heavy machinery. rain and snow started falling in the area on wednesday making survivors' lives more difficult. the government estimates the quake affected up to 600,000 people in van province. relief supplies are reportedly not reaching everyone in need. the turkish government initially declined foreign aid after the quake but later decided to accept assistance. international aid workers and a medical team from japan have begun working in the devastated region. >>> now take a look at the latest in business news and the currency. the yen stubbornly high. >> no kidding, catherine. refreshing that high for three days in a row now the yen hit another hit torque hianother hi high against the dollar on thursday with reinvestors reacting positively to financial news from europe. it surpassed the record high set on the previous day. this comes as investors reacted positively to the fiscal measures adopted by the european union designed to contain the region's debt crisis. moves to buy back the euro and sell the dollar intensified, following the decision by eu le
for joining us. why does the action plan keep getting delayed? what is taking so long? >> i think there is a gap in understanding about, you know, how much of greek debt has to be reduced between france and germany. and i think that is one of the big issues. the ratio should affect the amount banks have to raise capital and also it should have ramifications on bonds. the gap between france and germany in terms of action is now a bit of an agreement to be reached. >> the haircut ratio, that's one of the two big issues that has yet to be resolved. the bondholder losses for those who do own greek debt, and the bailout fund expansion. what are your thoughts on those issues? >> well, i think for the greek debt haircut, i think anyhow they will agree on 50% haircut, is my understanding. but, of course, going forward, they have to discuss about, you know, the necessity for them to engineer haircuts for other bonds, like italian bonds, spanish bonds and that should, of course, affect the amount of recapitalization. and the amount that the ebf has to provide the money. and i think the amou
. kasdugo was at home. after the march 11th disaster, the boys kept going back to where their house used to stand, their aunt and foster mother sasaki went with them. they loved for clues about their grandmother's whereabouts. seven months after the march 11th disaster, toshihiko and masuko showed signs they were ready to accept their grandmother's death. sasaki thought a funeral would help the brothers come to terms with their loss. >> translator: they've now settled into their new routine. and that gives them enough time and composure to think about their grandmother. i think we should give her a funeral so they can say good-bye to her. once and for all. >> katsuko's family decided to hold her funeral on what would have been her birthday. they put soil from where their home used to stand in an urn in place of her ashes. on the eve of the funeral, toshihiko abruptly said his grandmother might have survived the tsunami. >> reporter: masuko dismissed yoshihiko's remarks. sasaki looked on. the following day, 50 people came to kasuko's funeral. they held a ceremony to see off her spirit. [
out of the u.s. later today. after the markets close, apple will be coming out with its earnings, as well as intel and from the banking side, goldman sachs and bank of america. we'll keep track of all of that. for now, back to you. >> ramin, thank you for that. that's our reporter from the tokyo stock exchange. >>> now, on to the next news. the flooding in thailand continues to have a huge affect on the economy and on japanese firms that operate there. over 400 japanese-affiliated companies at 6 industrial complexes in the country have been inundated by the heavy rains. parts makers have been unavailable to deliver their orders on time and many major japanese auto firms have been forced to temporarily shut down. >> the tie finance minister says the eventual flood damage could cost up to 1. % of the country's total gdp. >>> among the companies affected is japan's toyota motor. due to a shortage of parts supplies. toyota's three plants in thailand have not been directly hit by the flooding but with suppliers affected, the company was forced to stop production until saturday. the au
used to make brooms. >> translator: kokia is beautiful. >> this colorful scene can be viewed until the end of next week. >>> experts from the international atomic energy agency have advised the japanese government on how to effectively remove radioactive material created by the accident at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. on friday, the team of radiation experts submitted 12-point report to japan's environment minister, hosano. the iaea recommends decontaminating areas where high levels of radiation have been detected. since their arrival a week ago, the 12 experts have inspected decontamination work in fukushima prefecture, being carried out by central and local governments. >> translator: as a whole, japan's decontamination efforts are progressing in the right direction. >> he added that ongoing clean-up operations will incorporate recommendations from the iaea report. now after submitting their report, the iaea team held a news conference. and they touched on the japanese government plan to decontaminate areas where annual radiation exposure reaches one millisievert. >
on. anotherr was th and bellian up this brought a sense of investors. a economic onshares.know u.s. due to so how i affecting tokyo let's go stock wean this tue well at opening straightaway nikkei topi tuesday morn the opening for the nikkei and pix right he rally we the u.s. market rallying there t german and french pledged to tak including shoring banks affecte region's mentionedfriday's in the piece of economic is retail is due this orget amidst allthis newsg earnings global compannings results. fro are a focus as there seven march disaster.l be e end of month. a b o showing weekend for the there. around the 104 levels.pares to the upper levels on dollar yen usual 76 yen levels. s in mind stanley,erica and surgingd also sharesle surged a preorders for4s has hit a also b prices surged and on theorkantileange. we'll keep track 's $10 higher last the niktopi trading considerablyrning. back to you. >> tha a lot. the nikk higher byly this >>> now, an economicst has come japan's current fell for row the previous year. balance meanwhile fellirst time in three mo
gangsters use ang space foen there's the authorities forement of his by the azation. find >> why are increasing efforts to crime groups i >> ne to gangsters. the l syndicate in the cotry, thelanjapan. this emblemclan. th44% of and getting stronger. of police ag r: we're going to law to s thegangsters. >> of yak got out of in aprihe number two and threes inprison. they also launc campaign tongsters from the worldsu they found werehe tournaments and taking up near theeer him up during jail. he w see tv. reorganizing the clanounter attacks police. aim tokyo'sordinance? i cut off crime including this japanese gangsters b in 1980s, from theeal estat at the peak bubble financial institutions tos paid one leader funds excebillion. also triesets. recently o tv in retired after his ties head of a gang wereexposed.ed whenl with har rightgroup. are trying tut what ordinance wil their lying ifon't beef businesses out our help. easy sever ties >> so how it to anese unlike it is not to syndicate it has been like tha de mobsters wor years at world war ii, until recently many g
positiv u.s. for four years, and thefed it would be in standards adopted countries. easing bee nd by the restrictions as it is also resumings from france and the ne the calmed down globally years informbout the >> the minutes and hnd tsunami tha northeastern march, one so fartle swept away tsunami a seaame. new safety called for to this sort ofg out in. shortl 11 bay miyagih with from of building shows away a oil tsunami waves surk secondster, a tank slo a the earthquak oil tanks linedshore. them w moor the others wer the from the tanks across the surfacebay. the t fixed in pla prevent damagetrong tsunami submerged the causi them to and float upwards.f there's enoughhe tanks will not if they are a almosto pre them from floating. >> seaside locations japan, many of similarly effectedtsunami. a the indonesian sumatra washed lined up onore. japan'esponded bymmittee to study to occurrences and report inanel largest possible ld be height of would onlyys and would loose or floatno safety measures after the report in. aims to set of concret safeguard threat tsunami i
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